The Cottage

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The House

The brief for this project was to refresh and energise the interiors of a traditional Sydney terrace house in a style that would provide a dramatic backdrop for the client’s outstanding collection of antique and modern furniture, traditional and contemporary artworks and eclectic objets d’art.

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The illusion of space

The house is a deceptively narrow terrace in which Phoebe has cleverly created a perception of magnificent breadth by mirroring one complete wall. By ignoring outdated design maxims, such as painting walls in light colours to make a small space appear larger, Phoebe has achieved the same effect by doing the exact opposite of perceived wisdom. Rich, dark colours have been used to heighten the drama and provide a canvas that highlights the client’s own talent for acquiring unique furniture and art.

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The bedrooms have been designed to complement and contrast with the living areas; crisp white walls and bespoke fittings such as the curves of the Moorish-inspired headboards give a softness and serenity to these more personal spaces.