Woollahra House


The House

In response to the brief from a client seeking a family home that would reflect their love of originality, quality finishes and comfort, Phoebe has delivered a living environment where textures, colour and form come together in an unique interplay. Classically timeless pieces are complemented by bespoke contemporary art anD artefacts, without sacrificing comfort, liveability or durability.


The Living Room

Richly layered in textures, this room synthesizes a dialogue between the painted seagrass wallpaper, natural stone, raw linen and classic upholstery detailing. The end result exemplifies Phoebe’s seemingly-effortless ability to blend modernism and classicism in a way that reflects the individual character of each client.

181121 - PHOEBE NICOL - ROSS-106.jpg

The Bathroom

Here the walls have been hand-rendered in a Marmorino Venetian plaster, adding a subtle depth of texture and colour through the mineral variations, while the more pronounced patterns of the marble-topped vanity and the chequerboard floor tiling complement and strengthen the material palette.

181121 - PHOEBE NICOL - ROSS-015.jpg
181121 - PHOEBE NICOL - ROSS-032.jpg
181121 - PHOEBE NICOL - ROSS-030.jpg

The bedroom

The power of geometry in design should never be underestimated, and in this bedroom crisp stripes and flowing shapes are juxtaposed to create a unique, modern and wholly sophisticated setting. The fabric-covered walls have been skillfully edged and the headboard custom-crafted to the designer’s exacting standards.

181121 - PHOEBE NICOL - ROSS-134.jpg


As a seamless extension of the indoor spaces, the courtyard garden continues the theme of comfort and sophistication in a mannered, restrained blend of colour and textures, both classical and modern.

181121 - PHOEBE NICOL - ROSS-163.jpg
181121 - PHOEBE NICOL - ROSS-042.jpg